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Go! is the ultimate conditioning class for beginners and experienced athletes alike. Using a hybrid of CrossFit and MAP (Max Aerobic Power) principles, Go! Is designed to build a robust, sustainable fitness base that will allow you to excel at any endurance based sport including CrossFit.

Beginners seeking general fitness and fat loss will love the metabolic boosting effects of Go!
Experienced athletes seeking a supplementary class to improve body composition, performance, and recovery will also find the Go! Class to be a perfect option.



Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is the “easy” class, it is still very much CrossFit.

With a balanced blend of hard work and a learning curve that has been dialed down just a few notches from our regular classes, Essentials is the place to be to build your confidence with the barbell, gymnastic, and bodyweight movements that are core to the CrossFit style of training.

This class is ideal for beginner and intermediate athletes while still offering a challenge to veteran CrossFitters.



MVA’s “Barbell” class puts a heavy emphasis on, you guessed it, barbell work.

If you are looking to develop real, functional strength there is no substitute for a seven foot piece of steel, some bumper plates, and a great coach. At Barbell, you’ll be instructed in proper technique and led through a progression based weightlifting program where you’ll develop power, speed, coordination and confidence.

Logan Barbell


A combination of mobility, core strengthening, unilateral, and isometric exercises done in a methodical and controlled setting.

The goals of the symmetry class are: to improve mobility, build a rock solid core which is the foundation of any athletic endeavor, and to correct muscular imbalances in an effort to prevent injuries and improve performance.



Team WOD

At the heart of every great CrossFit gym is a great community. It is that community support, motivation, and friendly competition that drives us toward success by pushing us to work a little harder, dig a little deeper and fight a little longer each day.

There is no better display of that camaraderie than our Saturday morning Team WOD, where you’ll get to take on a fun, yet challenging workout with your partner(s) and forge new friendships in the crucible of shared hardship.

Long WOD

Sweat, sweat, more sweat, and not a lot of thinking.

The beauty of Sunday’s Long WOD is it’s simplicity. It is thirty to forty minutes of conditioning work with relatively uncomplicated movements and no barbell. It is the perfect way to start your day, and exactly what you need to feel better if you had just a little too much fun on Saturday night.

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