Wednesday 12/13 – Deads and Bench

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In perhaps the greatest feat of programming to come the way of Modern Viking Athletics, today is the day to test your 1 rep maximum on deadlift AND bench press. You’ve all lifted for countless hours and thousands of cumulative pounds on your deadlift over the last 8 weeks and bench pressed more than you ever have before so I’m …

MitchWednesday 12/13 – Deads and Bench

Tuesday 12/12 – Annie

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Benchmark Workout: Annie As most of you know, we visit these Crossfit benchmark workouts regularly as a way to measure our progress in our fitness journey. It is important to have touchstones, like these benchmark workouts, to understand where we are improving and where we have extra work to do. Today’s benchmark, Annie, is a couplet workout designed to be …

MitchTuesday 12/12 – Annie

Monday 12/11 – Max Out Week

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  2018 CrossFit Open Athlete Prep Course Ready to upgrade your skills and crush the 2018 CrossFit Open? Hello Vikings and Valkyries.  We have an exciting new 6 week CrossFit Open prep course that we would like to introduce at the beginning of 2018.  But before committing it to the calendar we want to make sure that enough of you …

MitchMonday 12/11 – Max Out Week

Saturday 12/9 – Aloha, Logan & Krystal!

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Logan On Vacation Week By the time you’re done with your Crossfit workout of the day, Coaches Logan and Krystal will be 3 Mai Tais deep each and in full-on vacation mode on their way to Maui! While it will be a long week ahead without them, the ship’s command has been left to Coach Travis (who I’m told knows …

MitchSaturday 12/9 – Aloha, Logan & Krystal!

Friday 12/8 – Happy Friday

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A. Front Squat 60/2 70/2 80/2 85/2 90/2 90+/2 B. For Time: (12 Minute Cap) 4 Rounds 10 Deadlifts (225/155) 200M MB Overhead Run 25 Double Unders A. Front Squat 60/2 70/2 80/2 85/2 90/2 90+/2 B. For Time: (12 Minute Cap) 4 Rounds 10 Deadlifts (155/105) 200M MB Run 40 Jump Rope Passes A. 6 Sets of 2 On|2 …

MitchFriday 12/8 – Happy Friday

Thursday 12/7 – Yoga Class Starts December 27th

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Yoga Class Starting December 27th at 7:30pm We are excited to announce that we will begin offering yoga classes starting Wednesday Dec 27th. The class will be held every Wednesday at 7:30 taught by our very own yoga instructor Lura Harley. As with our pilates class, yoga will be offered for free to all MVA members for the first month. …

MitchThursday 12/7 – Yoga Class Starts December 27th

Wednesday 12/6 – Holiday Schedule Announced!

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Upcoming Changes in the MVA Schedule We’re deep into the holiday season now, and as our Power Development Cycle wraps up, so does the Olympic Weightlifting Course. If you’ve been putting in the work, like presents waiting under the Christmas tree, the next week or so should deliver the gift of new PRs in most of your lifts. Don’t let …

MitchWednesday 12/6 – Holiday Schedule Announced!

Tuesday 12/5 – Join Us Wednesdays For Pilates!

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What to expect in our mat Pilates class We will focus on strengthening our core, the physical center of the body, and utilizing our breath, to flow from one movement to the other. This class is about slower, controlled movements rather than the fast, explosive movements we’re used to in Crossfit though its not stretching and holding positions like yoga. …

MitchTuesday 12/5 – Join Us Wednesdays For Pilates!

Monday 12/4 – Power Development Cycle Week 7

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  Mine and Refine Power Development Cycle Week 7 Monday: Back Squat Tuesday: Strict Press, Toes 2 Bar Wednesday: Deadlift, Bench Press, Strict/Weighted Pull Up Thursday: Single/Double/Triple Practice, Handstand Push Ups Friday: Front Squat Saturday: Squat Clean Thruster or Make Up Lift A. Back Squat 60/2 70/2 80/2 85/2 90/2 90+/2 B. “Elizabeth” (12 Minute Cap) For Time: 21-15-9 Squat Clean …

MitchMonday 12/4 – Power Development Cycle Week 7

Friday 12/1 – A New Era for MVA

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The Next Generation – How To Use ZenPlanner Friday December 1st marks our first official day on the new software platform, ZenPlanner. You will need to check into classes via ZenPlanner from now on- especially if you want to earn your raffle tickets this month for our member giveback raffles! If you have had no issues creating your account, using …

MitchFriday 12/1 – A New Era for MVA