Friday 10/19 – There’s A Beverage Here, Man!

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Take a peek in our lobby fridge and you’ll find a new drink we’re trying out! I love it and I hope you do too. Introducing: Greater Than sports drink. Greater Than is a coconut water based fruit beverage with no added sugar, certified Non-GMO, and an easy to read ingredients label. It’s a really great intra-workout or post workout …

MitchFriday 10/19 – There’s A Beverage Here, Man!

Thursday 10/19 – The Holidays Approach Us

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The Toughest Part of Your Fitness Year is Almost Here In case you missed the post on our facebook page, Coach Logan spend a lot of time doing some well rounded research on an issue that undoubtedly plagues all of us: the holiday slump. I want to take a minute and draw attention to some highlights of this post and …

MitchThursday 10/19 – The Holidays Approach Us

Wednesday 10/18 – Do You Like Lifting Heavy Things?

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Sign Up Now For Modern Viking Athletics’ Olympic Weightlifting Course We only have 3 spots available in our weightlifting course taught by Coach Ming that begins this Saturday October 21! You can sign up by clicking here. This is a unique and challenging opportunity to explore a sport that you’ve already been dabbling in and become truly proficient at some of the toughest …

MitchWednesday 10/18 – Do You Like Lifting Heavy Things?

Tuesday 10/16 – Discount Massage Therapy Day Is Back!!

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  Discount Massage Day Is Back – Saturday October 21st From 12:30pm-3:50pm Before she disappears to Europe Christy wants to make sure all of you are able to get your massages in so we’re having another discount massage day at MVA on Oct 21st.  She’ll be offering 30 minute massages for $35 right here at the gym from 12:30 to 3:50. …

MitchTuesday 10/16 – Discount Massage Therapy Day Is Back!!

Monday 10/16 – Fran-tastic!

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Congratulations to our 2017 Festivus Athletes! Papi and Nash & Arielle and Christy took on an immense challenge Saturday, representing MVA at the 2017 Festivus Team Games. It was 4 workouts all in one morning increasing in difficulty and complexity as the day of competition went on. With athletes coming from gyms all over Southern California, the competition was steep. …

MitchMonday 10/16 – Fran-tastic!

Saturday 10/14 – Best of Luck to Our Festivus Athletes!

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Kick Some Ass at Festivus, MVA! This year, we have 4 athletes representing our community in two teams taking on a series of grueling Crossfit workouts all day Saturday at a competition in Oxnard. Luckily for the competition, I won’t be able to compete this year, however, this year’s teams are a serious force to be reckoned with: Arielle and Christy – Team …

MitchSaturday 10/14 – Best of Luck to Our Festivus Athletes!

Friday 10/13 – Friday the 13th

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We’ve Been Lucky This Week In a rare change of routine, this week’s workout programming was designed not by our usual guru Coach Logan, but instead by the very talented Coach Travis. He deserves a huge shout out for all the hard work he put into designing this last week of work for all of us! Give him a high …

MitchFriday 10/13 – Friday the 13th

Thursday 10/12 – Meet: Nate

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“Nate” – a midweek Hero WOD If you’ve been around Crossfit for even a short period of time, you’ve probably heard of or participated in a few of our quintessential honor, memorial, and hero workouts. In short, these are workouts dedicated in the memory of or designed to honor people and events. At Modern Viking Athletics, as in Crossfit, we …

MitchThursday 10/12 – Meet: Nate

Wednesday 10/11 – Just the Workouts

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  Ax5 A1. First 3 Sets: 2min ROW DRILLS (No Score) 30s: Arm Pull Only (Knees Locked Out) 30s: Ab and Core Pull (Slight Bend of the Knee, Handle to above shoes) 30s: Half Pull (Handle to front of foot position) 30s: Full Range of Motion Last 2 Sets: 250M Row For Time A2. Goblet Cossack Squats x8 (Alt. Sides) B. …

MitchWednesday 10/11 – Just the Workouts

Tuesday 10/10 – Power Cycle + Weightlifting Course = Gainz City

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Power Cycle – A Letter From Coach Logan “Much of the last 6 months of my life has been dedicated to refining my own skills as a fitness coach and programmer through the OPEX CCP program and I love finding opportunities to put that knowledge to use.   One of the most …

MitchTuesday 10/10 – Power Cycle + Weightlifting Course = Gainz City