Saturday 2/24 – Thanks for sweating with us!

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Great work to everyone who undertook that monster workout! We all had such a great time watching you guys put to work all the things you’ve been working on! If you feel like you still want more, don’t worry, there’s another round of Friday Night Vikes coming at you next week! See you there! If you did 18.1 to standard …

MitchSaturday 2/24 – Thanks for sweating with us!

Friday 9/23 – Crossfit Open 18.1

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  Its Finally Here The Crossfit Open has now begun. Join us during any of our normally scheduled morning classes or at our first Friday Night Vikes event of 2018 to take on Crossfit Open Workout 18.1! If you haven’t signed up for the Open yet or you’re not interested in signing up, no worries! All are welcome to Friday …

MitchFriday 9/23 – Crossfit Open 18.1

Thursday 2/22 – EXCITING NEWS!!

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I am so excited to announce that coaches Travis and Lindsay are going to be parents! Due in September, baby Mersola is bound to be blessed with the incredible genetics and beauty of our two favorite coaches- and is guaranteed a lifetime of love, compassion, and caring that Travis and Lindsay demonstrate day in and day out here at the …

MitchThursday 2/22 – EXCITING NEWS!!

Wednesday 2/21 – Help your hair… do yoga!

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​​Headstands increase nutrients and blood flow to the scalp, decreasing onset of gray hair. Some even say that it will convert grey hair back to its natural color! Come see for yourself! Join Lura Harley for the 3rd class of the February Yoga Series “Head Games” Wednesday @ 7:30pm! A1. Bench Press 5 x 4 (Building) A2. Double Under Practice …

MitchWednesday 2/21 – Help your hair… do yoga!

Tuesday 2/20 – Did you know we have a super awesome referral program?

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You fine folks and the continuous support you’ve shown us through recommendations to your friends and family have been one of our most valuable marketing assets. It is about time we started rewarding you for it. REFER A FRIEND EARN A FREE UNLIMITED MONTH Here’s how it works: You refer a NEW member. This can be a friend, family member, …

MitchTuesday 2/20 – Did you know we have a super awesome referral program?

Monday 2/19 – Crossfit Open Ramp-up to Week 1

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On this Thursday evening, Crossfit HQ will announce the first workout of the 2018 Crossfit Open. During this week leading up to this first unknown workout, we will be working hard on strength and skills Monday and Tuesday, and tapering off Wednesday and Thursday, giving our bodies some time to prepare for a workout we can’t exactly plan for. On …

MitchMonday 2/19 – Crossfit Open Ramp-up to Week 1

Saturday 2/17 – Less than a week now!

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Sign up for the Open here! Join our team: Modern Vikings and represent your affiliate Aesir Crossfit (Modern Viking Athletics)! *note: after you have registered for the Open, make sure you go into your profile page on the Crossfit Games website and add yourself to our team. You can also enter your benchmark stats if you want! You don’t have …

MitchSaturday 2/17 – Less than a week now!

Friday 2/16 – We like big butts, we cannot lie.

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If you want that mightily pronounced hind quarter, join us for Pilates this week. A message from your favorite Pilates instructor, Coach Trina: I like big butts…so this is what we’re focusing on this week.  We will be performing a lot of side lying leg series and pelvic bridges.  In the human body there are three gluteal muscles that form …

MitchFriday 2/16 – We like big butts, we cannot lie.

Thursday 2/15 – Nutrition Lesson of the Week: Planning Ahead

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Keep it simple. Think less. Make fewer decisions. If healthy food is around you and convenient, you’re more likely to eat it. If you have a trusted system for making healthy food available, you don’t have to decide to eat well… you just show up and do it. The Food Ritual. Set aside a bit of time to prepare some healthy food in …

MitchThursday 2/15 – Nutrition Lesson of the Week: Planning Ahead

Wednesday 2/14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Show yourself some love today and get on Team Modern Vikings for this year’s Open. We are a little over a week out from the 2018 Crossfit Open. I know a lot of you out there are really excited about this time of year, a bunch of you are getting nervous about it too- and then there …

MitchWednesday 2/14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!