Saturday 6/24 – The In-House Weightlifting Meet Is Here!

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In-House Weightlifting  Meet Saturday @ 8:30am It’s here! Our In-House Weightlifting meet.  I know a lot of you who have been participating in our 8-week course are feeling a bit nervous about this.  If you are, take a deep breath and relax.  This is going to fun, and it is going be just formal enough to give you an extra push …

LoganSaturday 6/24 – The In-House Weightlifting Meet Is Here!

Friday 6/23 – Meditation, Learning, and Exercise

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Found this article based on a Rutgers University study on the interplay of meditation, learning new skills, and exercise very interesting.  It’s been known for a while that the mind and body are not as separate as we once thought.  It’s also well known that exercise is a natural mood booster and can help with depression and anxiety, but now we humans …

LoganFriday 6/23 – Meditation, Learning, and Exercise

Thursday 6/22 – Just The WODs And A Territory Plug

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Territory Meal Delivery – A delicious, healthy, and easy alternative to cooking If you aren’t familiar with Territory (Formerly Power Supply) they are a meal prep service that allows you to order delicious paleo, and paleo adjacent meals from their website and have them delivered to your gym (us!) for easy pick up.  If you are finding that cooking is too much of a …

LoganThursday 6/22 – Just The WODs And A Territory Plug

Wednesday 6/21 – Goal Setting Sessions Have Begun!

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What is a goal setting session? This week marks the start of our goal setting sessions.  What exactly is a goal setting session you ask?  It is a simple 10-20 minute sit down meeting where we can have a chat, find out exactly what it is you want now, and set you up with a prescription to help you achieve those goals. …

LoganWednesday 6/21 – Goal Setting Sessions Have Begun!

Tuesday 6/20 – Congrats Coach Irving!

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Congrats to coach Irving who is the first of our new class of coaches to receive his CrossFit L-1 certification.  This is the culmination of 8+ months of study and hard work and we are very proud of him.  In addition to being a very well rounded CrossFit athlete, Irving has extensive running, biking and swimming experience that we thoroughly plan on …

LoganTuesday 6/20 – Congrats Coach Irving!

Monday 6/19 – Max Outs

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Weightlifting Cycle Week 9 – Max Outs The time has come.  It is Max Out Week for our Olympic weightlifting cycle.  You’ve put in the work, now it is time to test the results.  Monday we will Snatch, Tuesday we will Clean & Jerk.  And after that we’ll be taking a break from those movements for the rest of the week. For Those …

LoganMonday 6/19 – Max Outs

Saturday 6/17 – Our Final Weightlifting Training Session Is Here

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In-House Weightlifting  Meet June 24th @ 8:30am Participants: Today is our final weightlifting training session, and next week (June 24th @ 8:30am) the course is culminating in an in-house weightlifting meet.  This is just for fun, but we’re excited to see the progress that you’ve made and to put you in a position to really focus on your lifts and give each one …

LoganSaturday 6/17 – Our Final Weightlifting Training Session Is Here

Friday 6/16 – Just The WODs

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A. Pause Front Squat (Building) B. 3 Rounds For Total Reps 1 Minute AMRAP Battle Ropes (Alternating Swings) 1 Minute AMRAP Thrusters (95/65) Rest 1 Minute 1 Minute AMRAP KB Snatch (44/26) 1 Minute AMRAP Front Leaning Rest Rest 1 Minute A1. Cossack Squats 5 x 10 (Building) A2. Ring Rows x 12 @ Tempo 31X1 B. 3 Rounds …

LoganFriday 6/16 – Just The WODs

Thursday 6/15 – It’s A Chipper!

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A. Jerk (Building) 60/3, 70/3, 80/2, 85/2, 90/1, 95/1, 100/1 B. For time: (20 minute Cap) 100 double unders (Æ 10 air squats for each break) 20 (MEN)/12 (WOMEN) Handstand Push Ups 25 Power Cleans (135/95) 30 Toes To Bar 35 Weighted Burpees (2 x 40/2 x 25) 400M Bumper Pinch Carry (2 x 25/2 x 10) 45 Weighted V-Ups …

LoganThursday 6/15 – It’s A Chipper!

Wednesday 6/14 – Goal Setting Sessions

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Goal Setting: What Do You Want Now? What do you want NOW. It’s a simple question.  One that we should ask ourselves every so often because the answer can change and you might not even know it until you think about it.  Most of you joined MVA for one of the following reasons: You want to lose fat and look better, or get …

LoganWednesday 6/14 – Goal Setting Sessions