Frequently Asked Questions
about Modern Viking Athletics

Who Are You guys?

We are a fellowship of coaches, athletes, friends and entrepreneurs combining our efforts and striving to create the most effective, fun and intelligent fitness training possible.

Modern Viking Athletics is a fitness training facility located in Burbank, California. We offer group CrossFit training instructed by certified coaches, 1-on-1 private training, small group private training, bootcamp style conditioning programs, and much more.

Who do we serve?

Regardless of your gender, age, weight, race, sexual orientation, occupation or current fitness level you will find a home here at Modern Viking Athletics.

You need only bring a good attitude and work ethic. We love working with beginners and advanced athletes alike and have undergone training to do so. We scale everything to your level so you get a great, fun, safe workout no matter what.

What Should I expect?

So you want to know what you can expect when you come to Modern Viking Athletics?

Expect a clean facility armed with all the awesome fitness weapons you could possibly need to become an incredible athlete: Barbells and bumper plates, kettle bells, dumbbells, pullup bars, rowing machines, medicine balls, jump ropes and much more.

Do not expect machines like stationary bikes, treadmills, or assisted squat racks. We don’t want any machines stealing your glory as you do things you never thought possible like getting your first pullup, or running a sub 6 minute mile, or back squatting 400 lbs.

Expect a full hour of warming up properly, performing strength and skill training, working hard on some metabolic conditioning, and finally cooling down and stretching.

Do not expect to perform the same routine every day, week, or month. Having a new challenge to conquer every day is what keeps you and your body guessing and learning and what makes it fun.

Expect to become stronger, faster, more flexible, more coordinated and to have more endurance.

Do not expect to go it alone. Our community is friendly and supportive and all of our classes are led by certified, professional coaches who will teach you everything you need to know and keep you safe while you are doing it.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. It’s a mouthful so lets do a little bit of dissection.

Constantly Varied means we change things up everyday so you and your body are always learning and never bored.

Functional Movements are movements that will translate to and improve your every day life. These movements include pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running, rowing, and many variations in between.

High Intensity refers to metabolic conditioning, or training the different energy systems of the body. In CrossFit this is often accomplished by performing weightlifting, bodyweight, and gymnastic movements quickly enough that muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance are also tested.

For example, the most famous workout in the CrossFit world is called “Fran”. “Fran” is a 3 round workout. The first round is 21 thrusters (a combination of a squat and overhead press with a barbell) and 21 pullups. Round 2 is 15 Thrusters and 15 Pullups. Round 3 is 9 Thrusters and 9 Pullups.

Thrusters and Pullups would traditionally be considered strength building movements. Performed over the course of 30-45 minutes they would be just that. However, “Fran” is intended to be done with intensity. In this case by completing all three rounds as quickly as possible. When done with intensity, Fran will cause your muscles and lungs to burn and your heart rate to skyrocket in a way cardio alone could never achieve.

What Should I eat?

What you should eat depends very much on what your goal is. In general you should follow these basic tenants.

Processed foods:  Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.  Big food companies care about money, not your health.  They will put whatever crap they can push by the FDA into your food to make it more addictive and less perishable, and it is killing you.

Simple Carbohydrates:  Simple carbohydrates like sugar have been linked to fat storage for some time now.  Avoid them as much as possible, but if you have to have them, try to do it soon after your workout, when your body reacts better to it.

Fats:  Eat the natural ones avoid the unnatural ones i.e. trans fatty acids/partially hydrogenated oils.  Other than that don’t worry too much about it.  Good fats don’t make you fat.

Protein: Eat protein often.  You don’t need to consume massive amounts of protein but you should get some with each meal, and a bit more right after your workout.

What is a Modern Viking?

Good question. Maybe the first image that comes to mind when you see the word viking is a fierce Nordic warrior. Or maybe you think we must be part of some extreme fitness craze. But read on and maybe we will change your mind.

The Vikings were much more than barbarians. They were curious and relentless explorers. They created an incredibly rich mythology we still enjoy to this day. They were the most progressive European culture of the time when it came to the equality of sexes. And surprisingly, they were fastidiously hygienic compared to other cultures. No one would argue that the vikings were all good of course, but they approached all aspects of life with passion and vigor, and it is those virtues, and all the lessons of time that have been learned since that the modern viking embraces.

A modern viking is anyone who lives their life with passion and chooses to face their fears and the challenges of life head on. A modern viking is both fierce and kind, strong and intelligent, fair and firm, curious and deliberate, welcoming to new friends and loyal to old ones. A modern viking knows that perfection is unattainable, but is willing to pursue it anyway. A modern viking enjoys the hell out of the journey, rather than hoping for an end to it.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!